Dear Tiger Families,

We will accommodate your household’s needs for Chromebooks and HotSpots in order to ensure uninterrupted, smooth and productive distance learning. Please find the link below, HSA-GP Chromebook and HotSpot Checkout Form, to request the device(s) you need.

At this moment, we will give priority to the households in need as our Chromebooks and HotSpots are in back-order. Once the devices arrive at our campus, we intend to give one Chromebook for each student.

HSA-GP Chromebooks and HotSpots Checkout Form

Thank you for your understanding!

HSA-GP Admin Team


Estimadas Familias,

Para garantizar que el aprendizaje a distancia sea exitoso nuestra esculea facilitara Chromebooks y HotSpots a familias que los necesite. Haga clic al enlace abajo para solicitar los dispositivos que necesita.

HSA-GP Chromebooks and HotSpots Checkout Form