Harmony Public Schools is offering free meals for all children ages
18 and under. Students under 21 who are currently enrolled in a school and are
identified as mentally or physically disabled are also eligible. Free breakfast and lunch
will be available daily for students attending classes at the school.​ ​For distance
learners, meal boxes will be available for pick up at all secondary campuses on the
below dates and times. Meal distribution is open to our students, their siblings, and the
community. Parents wishing to pick up a meal box without children present will need to
present one of the following to verify guardianship:
● Individual student report cards
● Attendance record from parent portal of a school website
● Birth certificate
● Official letter/email from facility or school listing children enrolled
● Other official ID cards (for example, IDs issued by a child care facility)
Mondays from 9-10 a.m. and Friday’s from 3-4 pm